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Update for April 2019

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We decided three years ago to bring our art to the next level.    Started by investing in more jewelers tools like kilns, presses, different torches and multitudes of hand and lapidary tools.  We expanded our studio to add more light, HVAC and insulation for the walls.  Wendy Kay Designs mission to this day is an earnest effort to find and meld truly unique semi precious stones with silver and gold to make our one of a kind jewelry!

We invested in a motor home that allowed us to travel a lot more.  Every year since 2016 Wendy Kay Designs has travelled at least 18,000 miles bringing our wearable art to 25 -30  juried Fine Art Shows south from Key West, north to Michigan and as far west to California.

We have also brought our craft up many levels.  We have been to multiple classes in Mendocino, California and Gatlinburg, Tennessee  as well as taking one on one instruction from some of the best in this arena such as Patsy Croft.

The results are clear.  Our craftsmanship has become measurably better and we are utilizing better materials, practices and design elements in more complex and interesting ways.

The best gauge of the return on these investments is you!  Whether you are an avid collector, an occasional buyer, a sneak peeker looking for that something special, or, just happened upon our website, we are keenly aware of the increase in interest in Wendy Kay Designs wearable art.

And we thank you for that growing interest. Your enthusiasm for our craft is what fuels our ambition to continually grow. Frankly, one of our best memories nowadays is in our booth, standing still and smiling broadly while a new collector immediately falls in love with one of our wearable art creations.  In those few seconds, also know as an “Aha” moment, possession emotionally transfers to the new owner and they start on a very gentle path of becoming our friends.

What we are saying in a lot of words:  We love what we do!  All of it.  The hard and hot, cold, wet, windy and sunshiny work.  The travel and adventure that comes with it.  Meeting the demands of a very exhausting schedule.  And, of course, y’all!

This website is our latest project.  We built and launched it over a year ago and, mostly because of pure neglect, have not done much in the way of updating and improving.  We recently changed our thinking about this site and starting now, it will get incrementally better in relaying our newest styles and craftsmanship and interesting (hopefully!) stories about our adventures on the road.  

Please stay tuned.


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