Wendy Kay Designs
Hand Crafted Wearable Art
"Fresh, different, organic, inspiring- with an eye to affordability, and originality...."
Thank you for visiting Wendy Kay Designs. Every piece of our “wearable art” is hand crafted and created by our mother-daughter team. Most of our designs begin with recycled or new copper or silver, which is then treated to many processes from heat treating with kilns and torches, fold formed on large anvils, and/or “painted” with vitreous enamels. We also enjoy creating Cloisonné, which  is a process in which fine grains of glass are placed on raw metal and fired as many as 15 times through torching or kiln firing. Our education began in 2007 after enjoying a metalsmithing class at the Arrowmont School in Gatlinburg, Tn. The passion began that fateful week and we have tutored under dozens of well known jewelers and metal smiths at schools across the country from Gatlinburg, Tn. to Mendocino, California..

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