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In October 2019, we were sitting outside our RV in a campsite at Durango, Colorado.  The Durango to Silverton train had just returned and we could hear the steam engine hissing as it made its way back to the depot.

There was an early evening breeze meandering through the golden aspen trees and a cool early fall chill in the air.  As the sun set, the rays filtered through the trees and hills to our west and played a natural movie of light and shadows on the red cliffs to our east.

Wendy looked over at me and asked, "Just why are we going home?"

Indeed, why?!  The more we mulled it over, the clearer it became.  We had been on the road at least 8 months of the year since 2016, crossing the country and attending juried art shows.  We would go home to Lower Alabama in late fall, work furiously on repairs and maintenance at our house, then go to several more late season art shows and visit family at Christmas.   In January, we would set out to the Florida winter shows and start the circuit again.

Our decision seemed easy but the follow through turned into a logistical and health nightmare.

We secured an offer and a contract for our home in January with a closing date in late March.  We made plans.  We would sell or give away everything in the house; sell our existing class A gas motorhome and buy a larger, more powerful diesel motorhome and re fit the inside to be our full time home AND jewelry studio!  Plus we would sell our older vehicles and purchase something newer and bigger to tow behind our motorhome!

We would do all of this, mind y'all, in the 2 short months before we sold our home!

Well, we did most of it.  Everything inside our home was sold or given away. We sold our car and sold our gas RV.  And, then, we sold our home! 


Watch for Part 2 in a few days!



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