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Who Knew Chapter 3

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Wanda, Wendy and I were joined in late April by the addition of our 2017 Jeep Wrangler!  Wendy and I had selected a 2018 used GMC Acadia because of its' size, storage capability, durability and it just seemed to a good, logical choice for us!  We went to the Jeep dealership to conclude the sale.  While inside waiting on our salesperson, I noted Wendy wandering far away from 'our' Acadia and stopping in front of a black 4 door Jeep Wrangler!

Who knew that we just don’t do logical??!

Those of you that know Wendy, know not to try and change her mind after she has already changed it herself!  Our new Jeep, Willy, became our new travel companion.

Wanda, Wendy, Willy and I had our first shakedown cruise on May 1 when we traveled to Guntersville, Alabama and then Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for socially distanced family time. Our first stop was at Wendy's sister and husband's home at beautiful Lake Guntersville! 

Sunset at Lake Guntersville and Fishing a Cove!

Time spent with family was brief but golden!  The four of us, we knew.  We had accomplished everything on our list and the clock was ticking louder!

It was time to start the Journey!  To head out; and start by heading west!





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